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Old Time Radio


更に輝きを増すローファイ・ヒップホップシーンで、確かな知名度とフォロワーを持つピアニストでありビートメイカー、プロデューサーのJoey Pecoraro(ジョーイ・ペコラロ)が、LAの名門レーベルalpha pupとastrollageとのコラボレーションによるセカンド・アルバムを早くもリリース!!




制作するにあたり、「本当に自然なプロセスだった。このアルバムの制作は、信じられないほど楽しく、ストレスがなく、すべてがうまくいきました。」と語るように、このシンプルなサウンドの美しさは、『Old Time Radio』のスピーカーを通して揺らめき、それぞれの瞬間が心を癒す世界へ誘ってくれる。ヌジャベスやティコといった、美麗なメロディーとビートを愛するリスナーも、必聴です!!

Turn the knob on Old Time Radio and escape into a half-remembered dream where lovers swoon, crickets sing, and everything is going to be okay. Pianist and producer Joey Pecoraro shines on his second album for Alpha Pup, a warm musical embrace with lush instrumentation and hazy lo-fi hues.

“It's my return to a medium that I really love to immerse myself into—radio plays from the Golden Age of Hollywood,” explains Pecoraro. “There are melodies, audio bits, and all kinds of nostalgia intertwined throughout this album. Some of which are based on my favorite experiences I've had while studying and listening to these old radio programs at school, and others from special moments in my life.”

Swell night, isn’t it. Look at that moon. “Bent” wears its heart on its groove with an eyes-closed wistfulness while “It’s Okay to Feel Blue” shuffles along kicking rocks. A looping piano riff brushes beauty into “Train, Cold, Snow,” an upwelling of emotion and the epitome of Pecoraro’s signature sound. Strings sweep through “You Never Told Me That” and “Museum” makes you lean closer into the whisper of wet city streets. “I was not trying to reinvent myself this time around,” says Pecoraro. “It's a really barebones process...the audio is raw and uncompressed. Writing this album was incredibly fun and stress free, everything worked and made sense.”


This easiness and simple beauty shimmer through the speakers of Old Time Radio, a glimpse into a world where small moments soothe the soul.



アーティスト:JOEY PECORARO( ジョーイ・ペコラロ)
​タイトル:Old Time Radio(オールド・タイム・ラジオ)





℗astrollage ©Alpha Pup

Tracklist :​ 

1. Bent
2. It’s Okay To Feel Blue
3. Train, Cold, Snow
4. ;)
5. Morning Walks
6. You Never Told Me That
7. Kendall
8. Loss
9. Chicago Sidewalk
10.The Museum11. Surfing12. Song For Patrick
13. Up In The Blue
14. You and I
15. Purple Red

& Bonus Track

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